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BSHRM November Meeting featuring Kris Dunn

altTrue Lies: The Five Biggest Lies in HR
Wednesday, November 9th
11am - 1pm
The Club in the Glen Iris State Room

*Submitted to HRCI and SHRM for 1 credit

You hear these lies every day in corporate America. Our profession has spawned narratives that make the function seem like a cross between Mother Teresa and Stuart Smalley, and the result is HR is left holding the bag when the gap between what employees expect and what companies can deliver is exposed. In this session, Kris Dunn shares the origin of the lies, how they hurt your business and your HR career, and what you can do to start on the road to recovery if you want to do the hardest thing - tell the truth to your employees on behalf of your company. Funny thing - exposing widely-held lies in HR/corporate America actually makes you MORE valuable as an HR pro - if you're willing have a little faith.

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